Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week Filled with Learning...and something 'Weird'


This week has been filled with learning 

.We started our progressing investigators. SO FUN. But also really stressful and scary at first. My companion, Sister Stauffer and I taught a young girl named Chrissy. She's from Florida but is living with her LDS brother here in Provo for the summer. Her brother works at the MTC and just told her to come with him to work because she would have nothing else to do. She's so cute and had a lot of questions about our church. We were able to teach her four times, and each time you could feel the Spirit more and more. By the second lesson we asked her if she would like to be baptized and she ACCEPTED. Sister Stauffer and I walked out crying because we were so happy. Even if she wasn't a "real" investigator, we felt the joy that comes with sharing the gospel.

We also had the opportunity to teach an older lady named Sydney. She's a character. Most of the time we can't get a word in because she loves talking about her family history so much. Haha. The Elders taught her husband Arnold and apparently he's the same way. Always telling stories and not letting anyone else get a word in. Well, one day the Elders were trying to teach Arnold about the restoration. Arnold was going off about how things are weird and people are weird and the world in general is weird.
 Elder Wankier then said "Do you know what else is weird?" 
Arnold: "What"
Elder Wankier: "Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in a grove of trees."
to which Arnold responded... "yeah.. that is pretty weird."

but Arnold was then attentive for the rest of the lesson. I guess you have to do what you have to do to get the investigators attention. haha! I love my district. We joke around a lot just because you have to in order to stay sane when you're in a classroom for 16 hours a day. But I've definitely learned a lot from their experiences and testimonies that they have shared with me. 

Highlights of the Week:

- Progressing Investigators
- Singing in the MTC choir.. amazing experience.
- Devotional to which Elder Soares from the Seventy spoke to us about obedience.
- Having the opportunity to go to the temple.
- My district had the wonderful chance to eat a lot of cupcakes. we love cupcakes.
- Realization that I can be an effective teacher and missionary
- Braiding the sister's hair at night pretending we're at girls camp
- Learning and gaining a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon
- Elder Dyer singing the Canadian national anthem really loud in the cafeteria trying to gain support from everyone... anyone. He's one proud canadian.
- Sister Robertson talking to me. (she's from england okay. I love her accent)
- Singing "popular" really loud at night and everyone joining in.

And finally learning how to be a missionary. My testimony has grown so much just with the short time that I've been here. I've learned of how the gospel can touch other's lives. I've learned that through the Atonement we can be healed of all our imperfections. I learned that my purpose as a missionary is so important and a calling that my Heavenly Father has trusted me with. I pray that I will be able to help the people in Georgia come unto Christ. That they might be able to find the joy that this gospel brings and the happiness that the knowledge that families can be together forever can bring as well. I am so grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to teach other's of God's children that haven't yet heard of the restoration of the true church. That we have prophets here on earth, that receives direct revelation from our Heavenly Father for us to follow, that we may be able to return to live with Him someday. I'm so happy to be here and I'm so grateful for everyone's support. I love you all and pray for you every day.

Love, Sister Merritt 

Friday, May 15, 2015

First Few Days- A Great Start


This week (or really just couple of days) as been FILLED with new things. First of all I entered the MTC which is of course a huge change already, but I have also been able to focus on the Lord's work and preparing myself to become a better missionary. It's nice not to focus on school, homework, how many likes I'm getting on Instagram or who got engaged to who. I just have to focus on strengthening my own testimony and how to teach and become a tool in the Lord's hands. 

My companion's name is Sister Stauffer from Juneau, Alaska. She's tall, with brown hair cut in a cute pixie cut. She has an adorable dimple and I love her. She has become my best friend and I love learning from her as she shares her testimony with me and we teach "investigators" together. Of course I love the other sisters in my district as well, we do everything together. They are going to the California Oakland Temple Visitor's center though and I'm going to miss them very much when we have to go our separate ways. There are TONS of sister missionaries here from lehi. LEHI REPRESENT. I absolutely love seeing them around and being able to talk to them. 

The first day in the MTC was filled with welcomes. Literally everyone who has been here for at least a week was welcoming us. It was nice at first but I was quite sick of it by the end of the day. haha. So, for those of you who plan on serving a mission or who are coming to the MTC soon, be prepared. You will be welcomed lots. (: The MTC is an amazing place, you are constantly being spiritually uplifted every second of every day. The teachers are so amazing and patient with answering questions and making sure you feel comfortable with everything. I love it here and already feel like time is just passing much to quickly even though the days are long. Who knew that I could get so much done in a day if I would just wake up at a decent time in the morning. haha! One of the sisters in my district also told me that the MTC was like spirit prison. I was really confused at first but then she explained that it's really spiritual but we can't leave. Hence the name.. Spirit Prison. I thought that it was pretty accurate and hilarious.

The first day we got thrown right into teaching investigators too. Which made me really scared for a second. But once you understood what the investigator needed it was easier and gets easier each and every day. Especially with a companion as great as mine and for the teachers who prepare me as well as mine.

I love you all!

Sister Merritt

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MTC Bound

This was 'THE' day. The day that we dropped Mikel off at the MTC. She has carefully prepared herself for this moment her whole life- and today has been the day she joined the thousands of ambassadors of the Lord to preach His gospel and to bring other's back to Him.

Although there were tears shed- mom shed the most- there was much laughter, excitement and joy as she has now embarked upon the most important task of her life so far. She will be such a light and example to the people of Georgia and we dearly love her. We will miss and pray for her. She will do great-great things.