Friday, May 15, 2015

First Few Days- A Great Start


This week (or really just couple of days) as been FILLED with new things. First of all I entered the MTC which is of course a huge change already, but I have also been able to focus on the Lord's work and preparing myself to become a better missionary. It's nice not to focus on school, homework, how many likes I'm getting on Instagram or who got engaged to who. I just have to focus on strengthening my own testimony and how to teach and become a tool in the Lord's hands. 

My companion's name is Sister Stauffer from Juneau, Alaska. She's tall, with brown hair cut in a cute pixie cut. She has an adorable dimple and I love her. She has become my best friend and I love learning from her as she shares her testimony with me and we teach "investigators" together. Of course I love the other sisters in my district as well, we do everything together. They are going to the California Oakland Temple Visitor's center though and I'm going to miss them very much when we have to go our separate ways. There are TONS of sister missionaries here from lehi. LEHI REPRESENT. I absolutely love seeing them around and being able to talk to them. 

The first day in the MTC was filled with welcomes. Literally everyone who has been here for at least a week was welcoming us. It was nice at first but I was quite sick of it by the end of the day. haha. So, for those of you who plan on serving a mission or who are coming to the MTC soon, be prepared. You will be welcomed lots. (: The MTC is an amazing place, you are constantly being spiritually uplifted every second of every day. The teachers are so amazing and patient with answering questions and making sure you feel comfortable with everything. I love it here and already feel like time is just passing much to quickly even though the days are long. Who knew that I could get so much done in a day if I would just wake up at a decent time in the morning. haha! One of the sisters in my district also told me that the MTC was like spirit prison. I was really confused at first but then she explained that it's really spiritual but we can't leave. Hence the name.. Spirit Prison. I thought that it was pretty accurate and hilarious.

The first day we got thrown right into teaching investigators too. Which made me really scared for a second. But once you understood what the investigator needed it was easier and gets easier each and every day. Especially with a companion as great as mine and for the teachers who prepare me as well as mine.

I love you all!

Sister Merritt

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