Monday, January 11, 2016



This week has been so good! We have found so many prepared people and we have felt so blessed.

FIRST, let me tell you about my favorite town in our Ward. Winterville. It's the cutest small town, big porches, huge yards, picket fences, and the kindest people. I'm moving here one day. One day as we were walking around Winterville tracting, we saw a family outside picking up fire wood and putting them on their front porch. The cutest family. We were just talking about how we needed a family to teach. But we were late for an appointment so we decided we would come back. When we came back we knocked on the door and the dad came out. Turns out he's the MAYOR of Winterville and his family loves to learn about religions. I'm so excited to start teaching them. They were the cutest, kindest family.

We had Zone Conference this week. So good, as always. The overall theme was being warriors of light and being clean, busy and prepared. We also talked and role played LOTS on inviting others to be baptized, cause apparently we have been slacking on that. After Zone Conference we went on exchange. I was with sister Johns and we had a FHE with Anna and Trevor. We talked about eternal families and made a family flag. It was fun. And since we had just practiced inviting people to be baptized we thought it would be appropriate to invite Anna. So we did! She said no. But that's okay, someday she'll be baptized. I know it (:

At Zone Conference we also made the goal as a zone to hit the standard every week this month. The standard for us is 3 lessons with a manner present, 3 new investigators, 1 at church, and 1 on date for baptism. None of our investigators showed up to church, but 2 former investigators magically showed up at the end of sacrament. We also, didn't have anyone on date because we dropped everyone who was (actually, they dropped us.) SO, Sunday night we were determined to put someone on date. We went through our area book and called a bunch of people and made an appointment with a woman named Carolyn for 5pm. When we went to our appointment Carolyn had forgotten and was about to sit down to eat dinner. But we determined to teach her and put her on date, so we bore our testimony on the restoration and invited her to be baptized right then. She accepted! We were able to make the standard and Carolyn is actually so excited to learn more!

We also taught primary this Sunday!! We taught the four year olds. So stinking cute! We taught them how to Choose the Right. And they all were so reverent and good. We asked a little girl what her favorite thing to do was. She said "eat carrots." So we asked her, "okay, so you have had a lot of carrots and there is one more left. But your little sister wants a carrot. What would Jesus do?" ...she said, " split it in half!" Haha these kids are so precious. At the end, we had about 10 minutes to spare so we started asking them what their favorite thing were. Their favorite food? "Corn. Corn dogs. Corn on the cob. Bread." Haha!

Anyways, I love y'all. I hope you have a fabulous week (:

Love, Sister Merritt

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