Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's A Girl!!!

Hey Ya'll,

I swear the weeks just go by faster and faster. But I have a surprise! I'm getting a baby missionary!! Yep. She'll probably be amazing. I'm excited, but definitely need your prayers because I have no idea what to do. Haha (:

This week sister Barben and I have had many adventures. Beginning with floating lanterns & giant spiders (shown below) and ending with tear stained cheeks.

Monday night Chelsea, our recent convert, had signed up to feed us dinner. She also wanted to do a family home evening lesson with us for a personal progress project before she left for the University of Georgia. We had a picnic on the huge church lawn, and talked about all the memories we have all had together. She had an amazing lesson prepared and we ended with sending floating lanterns up in the sky. It was the most perfect night. The last time we would all be together for awhile...

But.. We were able to get three new investigators this week!. Two of them coming from searching down a less active.

It was actually a miracle because the less actives two daughters have such high standards and they feel alone when they tell their friends they don't do anything like party or drink. We told them about the young women's program and earlier morning seminary and mutuel and things like that which they were so excited about. Right after our lesson with them we met a member at a restaurant for dinner. She told us how she was the seminary teacher for the 15 year olds (one of their ages) and she would love to come to our next lesson. She's a very missionary minded woman. All of a sudden our waitress came up to us and asked us a lot of questions about our church, which is surprising. Turns out her husband is a less active we've been trying for months to get in with. (: little miracles. Just goes to show how much the lords hand is in our lives.

I can't wait for the adventures that are awaiting this week.

I hope ya'll have an amazing week! Love ya'll.

Love, Sister Merritt

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