Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tender Mercies

Hey ya'll.

This week has been crazy busy with transfers and everything. Im still in the Shallowford Ward, which I'm so happy about, because I love it. The members are stellar. And we are seeing so much success. I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Holmgren, she is from North Ogden, Utah and fresh out of the MTC. But you wouldn't even guess it. She's doing so well. Already contacting on the door step and bearing a strong testimony in lessons. I love her (': so proud.

We tracted a lot this week. We had a ton of lessons Monday and Tuesday because very one wanted to say goodbye to sister Barben, but then nobody wanted us to come back until the next week. So tracting it is! We were having absolutely no success at finding anyone who was interested in our message. Three whole days of nothing. The zone leaders called us up last night to ask us a question and to see how we were doing and told us that they were able to find a couple new investigators this week. They gave us some advice to just be bold....thank you. Cause we weren't already doing that. But I got a little prideful and determined that we were going to find one new investigator. We worked so hard, praying with all our might that we would find someone. About half an hour before we had to go in for the night and report our numbers we had an impression to go to Arlene's home. Sister Barben and I had taught them the first lesson many weeks ago but they didn't seem interested and we never got in with them again. But we stopped in on them anyway and they invited us right in! Arlene told us she had been thinking about us a lot lately and wants us to start teaching her grandchildren! She made a return appointment and BAM. 3 new investigators! We were so happy that we said not one, but TWO grateful prayers. It was definitely a miracle.

Right after that, we stopped in on a less active that we have trying to get in with since I've gotten here 3 months ago, but she has never been home. But she was home!! And wants us to come back tonight to visit with her. BLESSINGS. God is good.

I absolutely love it here. It's starting to cool off, thankfully. And hopefully the bugs will start to go away. Yuck. But there are tender mercies each and every day. Our Heavenly Father is so mindful of us and is willing to bless us if we only work hard and are obedient. (: I hope everyone has a great week. Look for the tender mercies in your life!!

Love, Sister Merritt

Our last night, all four of us with Jeanne and a birthday celebration for Elder Perez and Sister Barben. (:

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