Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to School


This week has been INSANELY busy. We had transfers! I am now in Athens (University of Georgia) with my wonderfully hilarious Samoan companion Sister Tuitea. Just in time for game season! Yes, the Bulldogs lost this weekend. Yes, everyone is grumpy. We don't talk about it. I will miss Shallowford tremendously, but I know I'm meant to be in Athens at this time. And I'm so excited to be here!

New address:

4315 Lexington Rd apt #6c
Brighton park apartments
Athens , GA 30605

As we were driving from the mission office to Athens Wednesday morning we start hearing these awful noises. So we decide to take the car to the shop Thursday morning to get it fixed. We find out that they'll have to order special parts for it so we have to leave our car there. Great. So now we are 30 minutes away from home and we don't have a car. So we start calling like, every member we can to give us a ride. Unfortunately every member works so it was hard. And since I just got to the area I didn't know who anybody was, I was just calling them. Haha so finally we got a ride home. But it's been kind of difficult finding rides for every appointment. And we can't walk or ride bikes because our area is GIANT, all busy roads with no shoulder and all our investigators live forever away. But it's been going okay so far (: hopefully our car will be fixed soon.

Saturday was conference. We went to the UGA institute building to watch it with our investigator Shirley, who is in her 70s, has one arm and a balding dog. But she's a sweetheart. She definitely didn't belong in the institute building with all the 20-30 year olds, but she still loved conference nonetheless. In between sessions we set up a booth outside in the pouring rain and handed out hot chocolate and contacted as people were walking to the big game. The YSA branch wanted hot chocolate too. They could only have some if they gave away a card. Pretty soon we had a bunch of the branch out trying to hand out cards. Lol. (: we were all able to get the YSA sisters a lot of potentials.

Conference was absolutely amazing. I loved loved loved the counsel we were able to receive from our wonderful leaders. We were watching Conference with a bunch of our sister recent converts. They all love Uchtdorf. When I asked them why, they said it was his accent. Haha. Oh dear. But I absolutely can't wait until I can read and go over them again. Maybe I'll "ponderize" some of em (; I hope y'all loved it as much as me.

Sunday night, we were walking over to a members apartment to use their wifi as we put our numbers into our iPads and we see this man sitting on the curb. We decided to talk to him. We sit down next to him and start talking. His name is Rafael and he tells us he's seen us around everywhere, but didn't know who we were. He isn't currently going to a church, but looking for the truth. We didn't have much time, because we were going over curfew. But we testified of how much our Heavenly Father loves and is aware of him. We showed him the 'Because of Him' video, after which he tells us he'd like us to come back and meet his wife and teach them more. It was a perfect end to the day. Even though we went over curfew, I think it was worth it.

Anyways. Athens is great. It's a college town and full of people willing to share their fried chicken. Pray for my weight, oh dear.

Love y'all <3

Love, Sister Merritt

My greenie Sister Holmgren- me- and my trainer Sister Barben. Love these sisters!

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