Monday, September 28, 2015

Merritt Farm

Hello my favorites <3

It's fall!! I absolutely love fall and it's beginning to feel more and more like it here. The weather this week has been mostly rain and pretty cool compared to the summer haha. We have had fun though. This Saturday our Ward was doing a BYU alumni fun run for children's cancer and they asked us to help pass out waters about halfway through the race. Of course we said yes and they dropped us off on a pretty busy corner with a table, some water, and cups and then took off. It was raining pretty hard, but it was okay because we had some raincoats. When the race ended a bunch of men from the Ward came and picked up the cones and asked if we wanted a ride back. We told them yes, but we would need a woman to come pick us up so they said they would pass the word along. ... We waited 45 minutes on a corner in the rain with a table and some water. We looked like we were trying to sell some lemonade on this street corner. It was pretty funny. I'm just glad they remembered us eventually. Lol. 

This week was fall break, so not very many people were home. We had only two set dinners for the week and one of them we had no idea who they were at all. However, we felt prompted to ask the Boggs (the members we didn't know too well) if Jody (our investigator who needs friends) could join us for dinner. Of course they said yes and Jody was excited. We met them at a nearby restaurant and Jody and the Boggs instantly clicked and became fast friends. Turns out the Boggs are converts of three years and they belonged to the church that Jody is going to at the moment. The Boggs took over and taught about eternal families, the plan of salvation and pretty much the whole gospel, bearing testimony and answering ALL of Jody's questions. Sister Boggs and Jody are going to lunch this week and she has already invited Jody to watch conference with them. It's so amazing to see the members get involved in the work, i know having friends in the Ward is so crucial to a persons conversion and they have been such a huge help already!

While we were tracting Thursday afternoon we came across an old house with a giant yard. There were "no trespassing" signs at the beginning of the driveway so of course we began our long trek up, past the signs and to the house. We knocked on the old, rickety, spider-webbed door twice and nobody answered. As we were leaving, an old lady came out of her garage door and asked what we wanted. We told her we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to our amazement she had never heard of us before! We were able to talk to her about the Book of Mormon but to be honest she really wasn't interested. She just liked to talk and talk and talk about her family growing up right here in Marietta, Georgia. She talked about her father who was a farmer and she told us she named her younger sister. Stella Merritt.... I was like what was the last name? "Merritt. M E R R I T T." I looked at her and then showed her my name tag. "WE'RE COUSINS!" She yelled. Hahaha. Turns out a bunch of the land in my area used to be a farm called "Merritt Farm" we were able to share with her about family search and we are going to do some family history together so we know how we're related somehow. It was just a funny coincidence. (:

Anyway, after being in the Shallowford area for 4.5 months it's time for me to go. Im going to Athens! Im so excited (: but I'll get y'all the address real soon. Have a great week, remember that I love you.

Love, Sister Merritt

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