Monday, December 7, 2015

Working Hard - Miracles Keep Coming

Hey y'all.

Can I just tell you that SO many miracles have happened this week and I can't even begin to tell you what exactly happened because it was completely led by the spirit. We have gone into so many lessons this week planning on dropping people and somehow have come out with them on date to be baptized. And not just anyone, but ETERNIGATORS. (That's people who have been investigating for years for all you newbies).

District meeting I gave a training on Baptism and encouraged everyone to invite everyone to be baptized this week and just see how it goes. SO.. Sister Dowdle and I were the only ones to take my challenge.... but IT WORKED.

Like I said in my last email, we had a lady named Leila call us telling us she was interested in learning more. Monday night we went over to her home and talked with her, answering her questions and gave her a passage in the Book of Mormon to read and pray over. We went back over Friday evening and she had done her homework. She told us she felt something while she was reading it, but it was hard to explain. We testified to her that it was the Holy Ghost and its role is to testify of truth. She knew it was true. We invited her to be baptized December 26th, she started crying and accepted!

The same day we went into Carolyn's home. Carolyn has been investigating for a long time now and she said she just doesn't seem to be getting an answer to her prayers about Joseph smith or what we had taught her. Sister Dowdle and I had prayed long and hard about what to do and we truly felt she could receive an answer by January 2nd. We told her this, and she, too, accepted the invitation to be baptized.

NEXT, and possibly the greatest miracle of all was Cedric. We really planned out his drop talk good. Cedric has been investigating for YEARS. And doesn't seem to be going anywhere. He's in his late 30s, has an 8 year old daughter and he's a professor at UGA. He has been really interested in the concept of faith lately so we decided to start off by talking about that. He then began to ask a lot of questions. We were most definitely led by the spirit in the answers we gave him. After we answered one question in particular he paused for a long time. We didn't say anything and just let the spirit take over. Finally, when he did respond, he said that our church WAS different from any other church. He confessed to us that, before, he had just enjoyed the missionaries coming over to give him a spiritual and uplifting message as well as company and friendship. But now, he knew that our church was based off of love, and it truly made him want to become serious about it. We felt prompted to ask him about a baptismal date of January 9th. Although he was a little hesitant at first, he accepted. Wow, how lucky and grateful am I for the Holy Ghost! We could not have done that without the guidance it gave us. I honestly don't remember exactly what even happened in the lesson. All I know, was that the spirit was present, and it definitely took over.

We had the Stake Festival of the Nativity Saturday night, which Anna and Trevor came to, which was fantastic!! Also, Herman will no longer be baptized this Saturday due to unfortunate circumstances. The elders now have to work with him, which makes us sad, but it's for the best. BUT, Charlie will be baptized this Saturday! We are so excited for him and he is so excited as well. He paid his tithing this Sunday and is just progressing so well!

OH, I forgot to mention. SISTER DOWDLE GOT HER MISSION CALL (my temporary companion I am training). Yes, she's a special missionary. She gets two mission calls. She is going to the Fresno California mission and she's so excited! I'm excited for her even though I'm sad she's leaving me.

Anyways, I learned a lot this week. I especially learned that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and if we strive to follow the promptings of the spirit, let It take over and put your complete trust in the Lord, we will see so many miracles. I love y'all! Stay Good. (:

Love, Sister Merritt

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