Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey y'all!

We have had a great week. It's been such great weather. The flowers are blooming. The leaves are coming back, which makes Georgia so much more pretty. The bees are buzzing. Spring is here!

Friday we had set the goal to get one lesson with a member present. We had one scheduled, but our lesson and member both cancelled. It was getting toward the end of the day, but we really wanted to make this goal. We decided we would just tract this neighborhood that has been in the back of our minds for awhile. As we were walking down the street we saw this guy outside talking to some people in a car. We walk up to him and start talking about the church, only to find out that he's a long lost less active! We ask him if he had ever talked to his friend about the church. He said "no they have a different belief." So of course we then proceed to talk to his friends about the church, in which they were really interested! The member was able to bear his testimony and tell his friends about Joseph Smith and how wonderful the church was! We were able to get our lesson with a member present! It was amazing to see that as long as we set goals in faith and then work as hard as we can and talk to everyone, the Lord will do the rest.

We had such a crazy big sister exchange but it was so much fun. I went on exchange with sister Gray in Greensboro which is ALL country. I am in love with that place. They live in a cute cabin right on the lake and fields of cows and horses all around. IN LOVE. <3 We were able to see lots of miracles and find a lot of new investigators. We were able to have a lesson with a recent convert whose mom absolutely HATES the church, but the mom actually sat in on the lesson and agreed with everything we had to say regarding the plan of salvation, so that's cool. We also were able to tract a little bit. One lady answered the door, we complemented her on her cute home, to which she responds "do you want to see the inside??" "YES!" So we were able to get in, see the home, share a message, and she wants us to come back the next day.

More quick updates:

>> we now do bible study, every Monday and Wednesday night with a whole trailer park. It's crazy.
>> we met a dog named Lucy in Colbert who literally followed us to every home we went to. She's pictured below.
>> we got to feed some horses.
>> we had a southern day, Talulah Gorge, which had precisely 536,362 steps. peach cider, honey stick, moon pies and the best BBQ you have ever tasted. Ever.
>> AND HERMAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED. Do y'all remember him? He was the homeless man we were teaching when I first got to Athens but we had to hand him over to the elders because "he wasn't safe"... But now he's getting baptized and I'm soooo happy! (:

Love y'all! Have a great week!!

Love, Sister Merritt

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