Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quad Squad

Hey Y'all.

Oh my goodness. This week has been the craziest yet. First off, I am now in the Monroe Ward serving in Loganville. I am with Sister Palmer from Kaysville, Utah. She has been out for 1.5 months and is a trooper because she is taking over this whole area. The rest of us are pretty much whitewashing. But as of right now we are living in Monroe with another set of sisters, Sister Holmgren (MY BABY) & Sister Hosman. We live in this small home. A family lives in the basement and another family lives in the front part of the home. But our little corner of it is nice and cozy. Especially with four of us. We have air mattresses and one bathroom. One. It's a struggle, but a fun struggle. We have fun. We call ourselves the quad squad. The Ward is absolutely wonderful. It's so small, a lot smaller than I'm used to. But by the time we are through here, it will be a lot bigger. There are great things happening here. We are excited.

It's perfect here in Loganville. Literally perfect. It's a perfect mix between country and city. There are TONS of rolling hills with cows and horses grazing in it and the only thing keeping them in there are cute white picket fences. The homes are so precious. Big porches. Gardens. There are some dirt roads here and there. But there's still a Walmart and chic-fil-a, so we good. And the members are solid. They are so missionary minded it's awesome! We get so much help already (:

One of our miracles was Jeanne. Wednesday we were going around, trying to meet all the members and less actives, when we pulled up to a less actives home , prayed, and was about to jump out, my companion turned to me and said she felt we weren't supposed to be here right now. We prayed again and looked through the area book to see who was in need off us at that moment. We spotted Jeanne (a referral) and both felt like we needed to see her. Jeanne was introduced to the church by her friend from work at the hospital in Atlanta. Her friend knew she was struggling with seeing hope and the joy of life so she gave her a Book of Mormon with her testimony written inside and referred the missionaries (us) to her home. We knocked on Jeanne's door and she answered. We told her that her friend had sent us and she was SO happy, but was just about to leave for work. (We caught her JUST before she left for work). We set up a return appointment for Saturday. When we visited her on Saturday we found that she has been reading the book of mormon and has felt God's love for her through it. The Spirit was so strong, we were all in tears as we bore testimony of
the restored gospel. We asked Jeanne if she has found Jesus Christ's church, she responded "I think I have." She is now on date for April 30th and she couldn't be more happy. We really can't do this work alone. We NEED the help of members. Because Jeanne's friend gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon, she is able to have the joy she has been searching for in her life.

I hope everyone had the greatest Easter! I know sometimes we get caught up in the fun candy, Easter bunny, and everything else, but I hope we all remembered the Savior this Easter and what he went through for us. I am so grateful for His sacrifice and the knowledge that because of the atonement I never have to go through anything alone. He lives.

I love y'all. Happy late Easter.

317 B Alcovey street
Monroe, GA 60655

Love, Sister Merritt

Our first night. We were so tired.

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