Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Hey y'all.

So this week has been literally amazing. I feel so lucky to be here at this time and to be finding those who are ready to receive the restored gospel.

Last Monday we went to visit a referral a member had given us, but they were not home. We tracted a couple of houses around and made our way back to the car, finding no one who was interested in listening to us. As we were walking back we were literally stopped by the Spirit. I don't know how exactly to explain it, but I had never felt the Spirit as strongly as I did at that moment before in my life. We needed to go to the house we were stopped in front of. It was getting dark and the house was tucked away in the woods, but we could see a small light on in the window. We walked up the driveway, past the "no trespassing" sign, and knocked on the door. Lisa answered. She looked absolutely shocked we were there. We introduced ourselves and the Book of Mormon. She took in everything we were saying. The spirit was strong and we were In tears by the end. We found out she's a single mom of 3 girls, 8, 10, & 16 years old. Her girls want to go to church so badly but because of Lisa's job, she was unable to go Sunday's. Last week she found a new job that gave her the weekends off. When we asked if we could come back and share more with her, she gave us a hug and told us any day and every day she wanted us back.

Wednesday evening we had another lesson with Lisa and her girls. We found out Lisa had read not only the assignment we had left her to read in the Book of Mormon, but much more. She had prayed and feels it's true. She told her friends about our church and how she feels about it, and when they gave her false information, she told them to stop making false accusations and take the missionary discussions themselves. We taught the restoration, and again were in tears by the time we were through with the lesson. Lisa and her girls are now preparing for baptism. It's amazing to be apart of this work and to literally be a vessel for the Lord. I know this is His work and He will do it His way, we just have to be humble enough to follow the promptings that are given to us. There are so many people who are prepared. And I know we received that referral for a reason, even though we didn't even get to see the referral, we needed to be in that area at exactly that time. Wowie wow. God is so good (:

I hope y'all had a good Mother's Day! I know I loved talking to my family! And I'm so grateful to my beautiful mother and her wonderful example to me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. 🌻 

Have the best week.

Love, Sister Merritt

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