Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Lord Will Provide

Hey y'all.

Busy week again.
So on Saturday sister Palmer and I were finishing up companion studies and reviewing our plans for the day one last time, and we got a text from someone we haven't actually been able to meet yet. We have called this person numerous times and set up appointments that fell through... But she asked if she could meet with us that day! She said that she was wanting to meet with us this Saturday, but then realized that she never set up a time! We were so excited and told her we could meet in about an hour. We weren't doing very well on our goal for lessons taught with members present for the week and so we texted everyone we could think of to have them come to this lesson with us, but everyone was busy. So we put our trust in Heavenly Father, knowing He will provide as we try our best and went to the lesson without a member. When we got there, there was another man in the house who introduced himself as Brother Dawkins. Now, who introduces themselves that way if they weren't a member?? It turns out that her husband is a less active member that hadn't had his records switch over to Monroe Ward yet, but he wants to come back to church and eventually be sealed to his wife for time and all eternity in the temple :) Heavenly Father provided a member for our lesson!  It was amazing to hear his testimony and inspirational to hear what his goals and desires were. She had a lot of questions, and brother Dawkins asks her "can we set up times we can have the missionaries have the discussions with you?” Perfect! Sister Dawkins accepted and wants to learn as much as she can because she "already feels it is true."  Heavenly Father is definitely preparing people for us! (:

We were able to go to the temple this week! It's such an amazing place and I wish I could go every day. I truly am grateful for the opportunity that we have to have so many temples throughout the world and the guidance and direction we are able to get from them. We also had interviews with President and Sister Bennion. I mentioned to Sister Bennion that us four sisters in the Monroe Ward are singing in sacrament meeting and needed an arrangement of a hymn. Apparently, this means I am musically talented and now have to sing in zone conference in front of a member of the 70 ..? Wish me luck because… I really can't sing.

Hope y'all are well and happy! Love you! (:

Love, Sister Merritt

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