Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So this week we have been trying to clean up our area book because there are about fifty bajillion potential and former investigators and so we decided that the fastest way to see if any of these people are still interested in learning more or not is sending out a mass text that says the following:

"Hello! We are the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We see that you have shown interest in the past in learning more about the church. If you are still interested please reply "YES" and we will call you to schedule an appointment. If you are no longer interested reply "STOP" and we will take you off our lists. If you do not reply, you will be added to a daily spiritual thought text! Thank you and have a blessed day!" 

It has been super effective! Tons of people have replied stop, which is totally fine because it clears out those who really aren't ready. But we have also gotten quite a few who wanted to learn more! A lot didn't reply (obviously they didn't think we were serious about a daily spiritual text) until we started sending them texts every day and THEN they replied and wanted to be taken off the list. Lol. Silly people. Missionaries are serious about these kind of things. 

Hope came to church again this week. She's so solid. I love her way too much! The members just absolutely love her and she just acts like she's a member already. She will be baptized soon, I'm sure! (: 

Oh, transfer news! Im staying in Loganville and training a cute new sister. Tell y'all about it next week (: LOVE YOU & HAVE A GOOD WEEK. 

Love, Sister Merritt 

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