Sunday, July 10, 2016

You never know

Hey y'all!

So it's amazing the people Heavenly Father places in your path who are ready to hear the gospel. Members like to take us out to dinner a lot, and for some reason they always choose Applebee's. The first time we went there, our waitress, Shania, was asking so many questions about our mission and what we believed. We have seen her every time we have gone since and this week she decided to call us and set up a time she could learn more. We had a fabulous lesson with Shania, the spirit was there and she was asking so many questions! She is so prepared!

We also have a shaved ice shack right next to our apartment, so we decided to go for our lunch hour one day. We met the owner, Angie, who is as cute as can be and wants to know more about our church. We set up another time for us to meet with her. Well last weekend we went back with our teamup's sister Jordan and Michaela. She started to talk with us outside until it started to get really stormy and started to rain. She put us in her storage shed with all her ice flavorings and food as she went into the shack to help some customers. Who knew she could be so busy when it's hailing and windy outside, but she was. We waited in that storage shed for 20 minutes until she came back and we had a really good lesson as we were all squished together. Lol but you never know where you will find people who are ready!!

I got a new companion this week! Straight from the MTC. Sister Held from Laguna Niguel, California and as sweet as can be! She is a hard worker and a water polo champion!  I'm excited to be with her and see the miracles that happen this transfer.

A tender mercy happened Sunday night. It was 8:45pm and we still needed one new investigator. We didn't know where we needed to be or how we could accomplish this goal. We said a prayer and my companion felt like we needed to see a recent convert who lived close by. I didn't see how that was going to help us find a new investigator but I didn't want to knock down the prompting she had received so we went. We said a prayer and as we got out of the car a potential investigator, Teresa, who lived right across the street came out of her house. We have been trying to get in with Teresa for so long, but have been unable to get in contact with her. She was excited to see us and set up a time when we could come and see her. New investigator! We then went up to our recent converts house and told her of the experience we just had with her neighbor. Her eyes lit up and asked if she could come to the lesson with us and proceeded to tell us more of her neighbors who potentially might be interested in the church! From this experience I learned how important it is that we trust the promptings that come to our companions! Because we did, we were able to accomplish our goal!

I hope y'all stay cool this summer. ☀️ and have a great week!!
Love, Sister Merritt

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