Monday, February 1, 2016

Cul-de-sac Miracle


Well, transfers are this week and it looks like I'll be staying in Athens for a little bit longer and staying with sister Foster. (: I'm happy about this because we have found some pretty great people this week that I want to teach! 

EXCHANGES. I was in a trio with Sister Robinson and Sister Lauritsen staying in Athens. We had some pretty solid lessons and then at around 7pm all of our appointments fell through for the rest of the night. So of course we say a prayer asking for guidance. It's dark outside and we usually don't like tracting when it's dark (safety reasons) so we pray. We decide to pull up some former investigators that we haven't tried yet. We looked at one in particular and we all felt like we needed to go and visit him. We type in the address, Peltry Ct, and drive off. It leads us to a cul-de-sac and we drive around looking for the house number. We couldn't find it, but there was one house left on the street so we figured it must be the right one, parked the car, hopped out and knocked on the door. It was a dark house, no lights were on that we could see. I don't know why we stayed at the door for as long as we did. Nobody answered the first time we knocked, so, being the determined missionaries that we are, rang the doorbell and knocked some more. Suddenly a man opened the door. We introduced ourselves and started asking him a couple of questions. He just looked at us really confused saying, "I'm sorry. I'm just in shock right now." Then it was our turn to look at him confused. He continued saying, " I was just praying that God would send me someone to help my family become closer." We gave him a Book of Mormon, bore testimony of the family and how the gospel blesses it and scheduled a return appointment.

Sister Foster and I went back Saturday and he let us right in, grabbed his Book of Mormon from the other room and told us EVERYTHING he learned from reading it so far. He had read so much of it and absolutely loved it. His wife and 8 year old son listened and participated as we taught the restoration. A FAMILY. We are teaching a family! I've been praying to teach a family my whole mission! I'm praying that they will see how the gospel truly does bless families and they will progress to baptism and eventually be sealed in the temple. <3 

Later we realized that I had yet again typed in the wrong address into the GPS and the former investigator had actually lived on Peltry Drive, not Peltry Ct, but I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and will answer them if we are willing to act on the answer we receive. I know we were supposed to be at Damian's home at that time. 

It has been fabulous weather here lately! We have just been soaking it all in and enjoying it. Miracles are happening all around us. We have had a lot more member help. We are finding great people. The church is true. The book is blue. Life is beautiful. I know He lives and loves us. 

"Men are that they might have joy.

Love, Sister Merritt 

I finally made it to the famous Waffle House, which is on like every street corner here! Can't believe I went half my mission without trying it. But actually, it's not that great, I'll stick with my mom's waffles (: 

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