Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Valentine's Week

Hello my favorites!

I have finally seen that southern hospitality that I have been searching for here this week. It's been a chilly week and as we have been tracting there has been a LOT of people inviting us in "before we catch pneumonia." Reminding us to "eat more fried chicken to put some meat on those bones" and next time we come back to "wear gloves and a hat." Literally everyone has told us this. Haha

We have seen many miracles this week though. One of them being with Damian's wife, Rochelle. We have been trying to use the videos that are available to us on gospel library more in our teaching to use our iPads more effectively. I have noticed that it's good to show a video to bring the spirit and calm everyone down. We have seen a a little tender mercy occur this week because of a video. We have been teaching this man Damian. His wife is normally home and she is kind to us but doesn't normally like to listen to what we have to say. One day we came over for a lesson and Damian was on the phone in the other room but Rochelle (his wife) let us in and proceeded to frantically tidy up the living room for us. We asked her if she would join us for the lesson and she said she probably wouldn't. We then asked if she wouldn't mind watching a short video while we waited for Damian. We showed her the "introduction to the church" video on family (we know family means a lot to her.) It calmed her down a lot and pricked her heart just enough to get her interested and by the time Damian came in the room, Rochelle grabbed another chair, listened to the lesson, and asked great questions.

Because of Presidents' Day, preparation day was switched to Tuesday and we had a full day of tracting planned! WOHOO love tracting. *sarcasm* But we have had our eyes on these streets few weeks but decided, for some reason, to keep them till Monday. We went up and down street in the frigid air. Knocking on every single door. The first 2 doors, no one answered. But the 3rd door we knocked, we had seen a little boy playing basketball in the driveway earlier. We knew someone had to be home. We knocked and 2 young girls answered the door, and then their mother peeked her head around the corner. She kindly welcomed us in from the cold, as the electrician man who was working inside looked at us, chuckled a bit and politely pushed past us to get more tools out of his truck. We sat down and immediately began HTBT, emphasizing the gospel and families, and the Book of Mormon. She asked interested questions. She was so engaged. We taught the restoration, but as soon as we got to the First Vision, of course the electrician decided to start up his drill. Ugh, I've never prayed so hard for someone to cease their work. All ended well though, she wanted to learn more on Wednesday.

As we left the home, the short, scruffy, and friendly electrician stopped us and apologized for interrupting. We knew we had to talk to him! It was a perfect opportunity. We asked him if he had ever heard of our church before. He smiled and said 'Yeah, for two years in
Vegas.'. We were confused. But then it dawned on us both that he was a member and That he was a Vegas RM. We asked him what ward he was in, he explained that he didn't go anymore because he worked on Sunday's. We got his name...turns out he's a less active in our ward that we haven't been able to to find for 5 months! Out of all the electricians
that the company employees, they sent this guy. We left him with an invite to stake conference and our card. The following homes were just as great! We made several more return appointments and others invited us in and allowed us to share our message. Everyone's hearts on Beaver Pointe Road were softened this Presidents' Day Holiday. Heavenly Father is the greatest domino player. Just thinking about what He did that caused the electricians to be called is a testimony to me that everything that takes place in our lives, He has control, just put your trust in Him and do what you're supposed to do.

Love y'all.

Love, Sister Merritt

"Do sisters wake up in the morning and choose to match?" -Elders

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