Monday, June 22, 2015

Challenges Already?

Hi Ya'll~

Do you want good or bad news first?


-Logan's mom didn't want him to take the lessons anymore. ),:  
-We found a new investigator! ... And then.... she dropped us. 
-I thought it couldn't get any hotter..... and then it did. 
-15 hours of tracting 
-Our investigator Jennifer went back to work, so it's going to be harder to get in with her. 


-Even though we were dropped from Logan and Marius, we miraculously saw him at our apartments pool today with his mom! We were able to talk to his mom and she's more open to him taking the lessons now (: 
-Earlier this week Jennifer felt like she didn't want to be baptized without her husband, but the other day she said that she felt like she could. 
-For sisters p-day we had a princess picnic, and ya'll know how much I LOVE princesses. We also crashed elders p-day on accident.. Oops. 
-One night we were having a really bad day with everyone dropping us and nobody was interested in hearing about the church. We had been tracting all day and we just weren't seeing any success. We decided to jump in the car, say a prayer, and go where the spirit led us. We were led to a street where a potential lived. We had her address but hadn't met her before. The thing is, her house number didn't exist! We walked up and down the street and it was nowhere to be found. We said one more prayer and started knocking on doors. As we were walking up to this house I had the greatest feeling ever. This was it. This was Martha's home. She had been taught by the elders before, but wasn't ready for baptism yet. We were able to teach her a little and she wanted us to come back. (: 
-We didn't die in this heat.. Yet. 
-We didn't have a cockroach in our apartment!! Yay

Also, if anybody wants to start a snow-cone shack in GA I would love you!! Can you believe there are NO snow cones in Georgia?! I'm craving one. 

Love ya'll. <3

Sister Merritt

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