Monday, June 15, 2015

Teaching Pool is Filling Up

Hey y'all.

This week has been amazing. We had so many lessons, we didn't know how to juggle them all. Tuesday night we were able to go over to a members house for dinner and they had invited our investigators Logan and Marius to join. Y'all NEED to meet Logan. He's the cutest nine year old boy ever. Imagine the cutest thing you've ever seen and then times it by seventy. That's how cute Logan is. I'll get a picture with him this week hopefully. We have three new investigators this week! One of them is Jennifer. She's a cute mother of two and just so happened to have two weeks off from her busy work schedule so we could teach her. She's flying through the lessons and just thirsting for more. She came to church yesterday and is having FHE with us and a member tonight. She's so great.

We're definitely staying busy. We don't have time to complain about the heat or how tired and hungry we are. After not having any investigators come to church in a long time, we were able to have 4. We were so excited! 

Miracle of the week: 

Friday, while we were tracting the streets we prayerfully picked out the night before, we had a feeling that we needed to be knocking on doors the next street over. We didn't have much time because we had to go to a lesson, but we decided to pick just three. All three doors didn't open. The third door we stayed at just a little longer and rang the doorbell one more time. All of a sudden we hear a faint "Who is it?" We respond saying we're sister missionaries and the door opens. A woman named Jeanie comes outside and starts talking with us. She tells us that she's taken the missionary lessons before and was on date to be baptized, but couldn't give up smoking. Jeanie also told us that she just bought a fridge because her old fridge was broken but she had no idea how she's going to get it in her house because she can't lift it by herself. We tell her we have elders who would love to help her move it and she was so excited. We told her that we loved to do any other sort of service for her as well, to which she started tearing up because she's trying to sell her house and just can't get it ready to sell by herself. The next morning Elder Poulsen & McMeen went to help her move her fridge and then we stopped by Sunday night. She told us that before we had come to her door the first time she had been praying for God to send her someone to help her move her fridge and that's when we knocked on her door. She started crying, telling us that there was a light around both us and the elders that she loved and wanted more of it in her life. After we had stopped by Jeanie and her mother decided they would both come to church and wanted to help us as missionaries in any way that they could.

Jeanie also told us that while the elders were struggling to move the fridge she was just praying that the fridge would be made lighter for them, she told us that as soon as she said amen all the drawers in the fridge fell out on Elder Mcmeen. LOL. At least the fridge wasn't as heavy right? (: 

Yesterday night as we were just minding our own business planning for the next day WE SEE A COCKROACH. I scream because... duh a cockroach. I then proceed to tell Sister Barben to kill it as a lock myself in the bathroom. The cockroach runs underneath all of our suitcases and bikes and just like super woman, Sister Barben flings EVERYTHING out of the way until she stepped on the cockroach. She's my hero. <3 I was then able to come out of the bathroom. If any of y'all spots some anti cockroach spray it would be great if you could send it to me. Me and bugs don't go well together. 

I love yall! 
-Sister Merritt

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