Monday, June 1, 2015

I love Georgia!

Hey Ya'll.
This week has been so great. Full of miracles and adventure. First of all.. I'M IN GEORGIA.

Let me describe it to you. Cutest houses with big porches and lots of windows. Trees everywhere. It's literally like your in the canyon's of Utah like all the time, but without the mountain part. The roads are windy and narrow. Everyone is wanting to talk... about everything except church. It always smells like rain and BBQ. Most of the houses are up on hills, so that's fun to walk up. At night all the fireflies come out and light up the trees. It reminds me of a fairytale. And even though it's so hot and humid during the day, by sunset it's all worth it because it's beautiful.

I'm in an area called Shallowford, Georgia. I don't know anything different, but I love it. My companion/ Trainer is Sister Barben, from Logan Utah and is so cute. She has long gorgeous red hair, and has the strongest testimony of the gospel. We work well together and have the funnest times. I love her.

This week we've gained FOUR new investigators which is so exciting. There are so many people here who are ready to hear the gospel. We are teaching a 9 year old boy and his dad, an older lady, and a man we call J. (cause we can't say his real name, it's hard to say).

My favorite experience was with J. We were going to visit a potential investigator but she ended up not being there. As we were driving away we saw a man walking the down the street with his son. We decided we'd pull over and share with him a card and talk with him for a bit. He had just moved here and was looking for a church to join. We exchanged numbers and told us he would love to come to church , but he needed us to remind him Saturday night. So, Saturday night comes along and we try calling him but turns out we wrote down the wrong number. He wasn't at church so we decide to go back to the neighborhood we found him in and try to find him again. We say a prayer and go tracting down the street trying to find J. We knocked on every door. Nothing. But, we decide to say one more prayer and start at it again. Going down the same street we find a man working on his car in front of a house that didn't answer their door. Rather than talking to him about the church we felt prompted to just ask where J was. Turns out J lived in this mans basement and we had to go around the house to find J's door. WE FOUND HIM and we were able to teach him the first lesson and invite him to be baptized. He accepted. So of course we were all so happy. Hopefully we'll be able to get a date figured out soon. But it just goes to show that if we have faith, are in tune with the spirit and are willing to work hard, miracles can happen every day.

We also had many other experiences.. for example. A lady we taught who was CRAZY. Literally. I honestly think she was because when we entered her home, there were satanic dolls everywhere and pictures of dead people and she had possessed dogs that tried to kill us and things like that. (never going back there, the Lord was definitely protecting us).  And of course many MANY bible bashers. It's kind of fun to run across the bible bashers though because that's when we rely on our testimonies the most. But of course many other miracles. It's been a crazy first week. But I love being apart of this great work. I love being a missionary.

Sister Merritt

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