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Okay, this week has been crazy busy because first, Chelsea got baptized!! And second, we had to find a new apartment which has been a pain.

So, Chelsea's baptism was amazing. It was so peaceful and the spirit was so strong. She had this light around her and her smile was glued to her face. It was so wonderful to see her make this first step to be baptized into Jesus Christ's church. She has such a desire to do what's right. Right after her baptism we had to get back to work and start finding more people to teach. And rather than celebrating with her friends, Chelsea came out tracting with us. It was so wonderful to contact and teach lessons with someone who hasn't grown up in the church because her testimony was able to help so many people. She is so great. And we love her. 

This week I have learned what a powerful tool the Book of Mormon is in conversion. We've had many experiences with explaining what the Book of Mormon was to so many people this week. 

On the Fourth of July we met this cute couple who let us right into their home to explain the Book of Mormon. The wife was so excited about it and asked if she could buy one. When we gave it to her free of charge she was even more excited. When we went back to visit her last night, she wasn't home, but her husband said they have been reading it together and they want us to come back and teach them. 

As we were knocking on these doors in a street we prayerfully picked out, we weren't seeing much success. Nobody was interested in hearing our message. It was a little frustrating but we knew we were led here for a reason, and we still had some houses left. At one of the houses an older lady named Sandra invited us in. She told us that she had met with missionaries before when she lived in Pennsylvania 8 years ago and they had given her a Book of Mormon. She proceeded to tell us that she still has never read the Book of Mormon but she has it on her nightstand right next to her bed with her bible. She keeps it by her bed because she knew it was a special book. And although she hasn't read it yet, at least she knows it's special. Reading it is just the next step. That's what we're here to help her do. 

We also were able to go to dinner with our "tribe sister" Kimberly. We went to this Thai food restaurant that Kimberly absolutely loves and our waitress was very kind and helpful. When the waitress (Anastasia) was gathering our plates after we were through eating she noticed the Book of Mormon we had on the table. "I have seen that book before, I want to read it," she told us. She then told us that she used to see the missionaries all the time in Russia where she is from but hasn't seen them here very much. Kimberly wants to be a missionary so very badly and explained the Book of Mormon to Anastasia. We gave the book to her to keep with our phone number and church address written inside. It was so wonderful to see her pick up the Book of Mormon so gently and walked off looking at it to put in her bag, thanking us multiple times. 

Our investigator Jeanie who was so sure was never going to convert is now reading the Book of Mormon after the elders and us have been reading it with her. She's now coming to church willingly and wants to take the lessons.

The Book of Mormon is so important and I think I have been taking it for granted. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission and see lives change. It starts with reading the Book of Mormon and taking Moroni's challenge to pray to know for yourself if it's true. I promise that when you do this, you will receive an answer that is undeniable.


Sister Merritt

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