Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Good Move

Hey you guys.

This week has been so busy I don't even remember what happened. We had an unbelievable amount of bible bashers this week- apparently the Baptist Church around here (with around 15,000 people) decided to tell everyone that Mormons believe that we can all can become Gods (true, but they need to know how and why- our doctrine). Awesome. It's a tough one when they start getting into deep doctrine of their own. And all we can do is bear testimony and move on.

We put Jennifer on date! Her scheduled baptism date is August 15th. She is so prepared and has an unshakable testimony. The only thing that could hold her back is coming to church. She could really use your prayers that hopefully she can get more Sundays off from work.

We haven't really found anybody new to teach yet. Still in the finding process. But we hope to be able to find someone soon. We have tons of potentials, everybody is just so busy in the summer. We are still teaching our 14 year old investigator, Stephanie. She's adorable. We asked her if she was able to read the reading assignment we gave her out of the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She said that she did with her friend and she felt it was true. It made us extremely happy. We also went over to help Jeanie organize one of her rooms. Both us and the elders have been helping her and reading out of the Book of Mormon together, but when we went back to see her, she told us she was on chapter 17 of 1 Nephi and she gets chills every time she reads it. She'll be baptized soon enough. We just have to practice our faith. Through our faith we can see miracles.

Today we moved from our apartment into a members home. Let me tell you how HAPPY we are to be out of that apartment. That apartment had been lived in for 10 years by elders. No sisters. Just elders. It was so gross and run down. Plus it was 2 miles out of our area. So we are glad to be out of there.

My new address is:

Sister Mikel Merritt
2704 Green Castle Way
Marietta, GA 30062

Well. Have a great week ya'll.

Love, Sister Merritt

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