Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TIRElessly loving Georgia!

Hey ya'll,

This week just flew by. I've been in Georgia for 1 month (: so I had my follow up meeting with all my cute MTC district! It was so much fun to see them all again. Monday night we went to the church with our cute investigator Chelsea for her to receive a priesthood blessing of comfort. When we walked outside to leave we realize she had locked the keys in her car and she also had a flat tire. We definitely could not call her parents because they're against the church and HELLO she's parked in the church parking lot so we called some people to come get the keys out. Apparently they aren't as speedy quick as Jimmy Johns so we waited at the church for 4 hours. FOUR. When the guy finally gets there he unlocks the door and we ask him to change the tire too. WELL I guess people have to be certified to do that kind of dangerous business so he said adios and left us three little girls to fend for ourselves at way past curfew). Of course we could've called the elders but we didn't want to seem weak you know? So we manned up and did it ourselves. THATS RIGHT FOLKS, I CHANGED A TIRE. Thank you thank you.

We taught Jennifer this week. She's so cute, we love her. She has been praying for answers about if the things we have been teaching her are true. She has just felt like she's not getting an answers. The other night she called us and told us that her husband did NOT approve of her taking the lessons and that he didn't want their kids to be Mormons because he didn't want them to be made fun of. She told us that she was defending the church, the priesthood and Joseph Smith. She then told us that she knew these things were true. By defending herself she received the answer she had been praying for. We were so excited for her.

We got two less actives back to church this week. HUGE blessing. This week has just been filled with finding people. A lot of potentials here in the south that work all. the. time. But they're ready. We just have to get in with them and start teaching. The church is true. The book is blue. Keep reading it ya'll (:

Love, Sister Merritt

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