Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Stairs and Stairs and Stairs....


There are so many hills in Georgia. SO MANY. For some reason this week we decided to tract all the neighborhoods with the steepest driveways ever. Like, I had to take breaks on the way up to the houses because the driveways were like a mile long at a 90 degree angle with the road. (I may be exaggerating) but STILL. I've come to appreciate those people who have put in stairs alongside their driveway so it's a lot easier to walk up. S/O to stairs.

Also, people here like to feed us. Everywhere we went people gave us food, especially last Wednesday. We were so full all day, PLUS we had a double dinner. I'm not complaining, but if I come home 50 pounds heavier, blame Georgia. 

I really enjoy tracting too. It is SO funny to hear people's responses to us sometimes. Like this last week this woman got her words mixed up and told us to "take our message to someone who doesn't need it." Okay, ma'am. You just admitted you need this message. Or once this woman wouldn't open her glass door and asked us what we wanted but she kept saying " I can't hear you!" ... Hmm weird. Maybe it's because there is a glass door in between us? Idk though. Haha people are funny. 

As we were driving to a street that we had planned to tract yesterday with Chelsea, Kirk and Latisha, some potentials came to mind. We had met them on the Fourth of July, they let us right in and we were able to share with them the Book of Mormon. They told us we could come back anytime, but every time we went by (with Chelsea) they were never home. We had never entered their names or address into the area book but we wrote it down in sister Barben's planner, and when Sister Barben did the address. We had no idea where to find them. So as we were driving we asked Chelsea if she remembered where they lived. Her response was "They just came to my mind too!" But she couldn't remember where they lived either. When we pulled into the street we had planned to tract we were so excited to see that this was Kirk and Latisha's street!!! We were able to knock on their door and they were home! They told us what a blessing we had been to them on the Fourth of July and to come back this weekend to share more about our church with their family! Miracle.

Last night it was getting dark and all of our plans and backup plans fell through. We were looking through the the GPS to see who lived nearby who we could stop in on. When we were scrolling down we both felt prompted to go the Richardson's. A part-member/less active family that we have been trying to get in with for months but we always seem to miss each other. As we pulled up to their house we noticed a lot of cars there and it looked like they were having a party. We didn't want to be a bother to them but we went up to the door anymore, knowing they would probably just schedule a better time we could come back. We were joking with each other saying how funny it would be if they just invited us in and had a share a message with everyone! Well... That's what happened!! Sister Richardson opened the door telling us to come right in and that they needed a little family home evening lesson! We had dessert with them and they allowed us to share a short message with them which brought the spirit really strongly and invite them to church. One of the teenage girls mentioned that she really liked my dress.  I told her that if she came to church with us, she could wear it! She was really excited! They said they'd all try to make it (: it was definitely a blessing! 

Anyway. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Love ya'll. 💕

Love, Sister Merritt 

I had to take a break walking up those stairs... 

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