Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hello y'all!

This week has been crazy busy. Zone conference, a couple of exchanges, new ward mission leader, and we had set some extremely high goals so we have been working our hardest to accomplish them. Of course with the Lords help, we were able to.

First of all we had zone conference which is always fantastic. But instead of having it with just our zone, it was with the Athens zone AND the Sugar Hills zone, the two largest zones in the mission, so there was a ton of missionaries there. Our special guest was the car people from Salt Lake to update our TIWIs. If y'all don't know what TIWI is, you're lucky. It's basically this little device they put in your car to monitor your driving. We log in and out every time we drive, if we are speeding it will yell at you, if you turn too sharp it will yell at you, if you stop too quickly it will yell at you, AND if you have the TIWI in our car, it will yell at you if you go up a hill or simply start the car. Bless it's heart. Thank goodness for the new's better. (:

Zone conference is always a joy though, I absolutely love learning about how I can improve and apply things into my life as a missionary. This months was all on remembering. Remembering what we have learned in past zone conferences and remembering who we are. Remembering to be prepared, be clean, & be busy. And remembering the Book of Mormon and to testify of it leading us closer to Jesus Christ.

Sister Robinson, my other half, and I then went on exchange to Greensboro. Thanks to the amazing Atlanta traffic we were able to get there at approximately 8:01pm to which we stopped in on a couple of their investigators, found 2 new investigators and went home for dinner. On our way inside we found a frog! So we caught it and Sister Robinson decided to put it on her head of course which was all fun until the frog leaped from her head and fell onto his back on the cold tile floor. #RIP #AllFrogsGoToHeaven

After our exciting exchange we met up with another set of sisters and I was able to go on another exchange with Sister Rosenberg. I absolutely adore her. She's fabulous. We are able to find 3 new investigators, ......  Needless to say, I'm tired and I was glad to be back with my companion sister Palmer.

We have been able to see many miracle here, too. As we have been stopping in on "unreceptive" less actives we have never met before many of them we have left in tears as they tell us we were sent there for a reason. All resulting in having a return appointment to teach their nonmember family members.

Anyways, that's about it for me this week. I hope y'alls week goes well and you see many miracles as well! Love y'all!

Love, Sister Merritt

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