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I've learned a lot this week. That's what I love about the gospel, is that we are able to learn so much, yet we are never going to know everything. The opportunity to continue to learn and progress is so exciting! My studies have had a theme this week. "Be Clean."  Clean meaning different things. Spiritually, physically, environmentally. We need to be clean in all we do, say, act, and think because we never know who is watching us and what kind of impression we are leaving. There is a quote from President Hinckley that I just love! "You are His chosen servant; you have been [called] to something holy and wonderful. You cannot live in the world and partake of the ways of the world. You must be above all of that." And it's true!

We have the baptism of 9 year old Jeremiah this weekend! We are so excited for him, he has learned so much these past couple of weeks we have been working with him. His parents are both converts but have been inactive for a long time now, but have started to come back due to Jeremiah's example. Yesterday his best friend passed away in a car accident, we went to see him and because we had just taught him the Plan of Salvation Jeremiah knew his friend was okay and watching over him and he will see him again. It was so sweet to see him share his testimony with us. (:

Our teaching pool consists of 9 year old boys and old single men... There is no in between. But there's a couple pictures with my favorite 9 year olds below (:

My testimony of the guidance of the Holy Ghost increased this week as my companion and I were wondering where we needed to go. We made some solid plans the night before all on the other side of our area. We left in the morning but after about an hour of being in that area we receive a call that unexpectedly brought us back for a couple of hours. It would take a lot of miles to go all the way back to where we had planned to be but we didn't know what we would do in the area we were in either. My companion lovingly reminded me that as we pray and seek the Lords help, He will take us where we need to be. We said a prayer and both felt very strongly that we needed to be at the Less Actives home, where we had planned to be the night before, even though it would take several miles to get there again. We knocked on the door and Brother Reid's daughter (a nonmember) came out.. "Are y'all Mormon?" "Yes" "Come in!" As we go in, we meet brother Reid who is 80 years old and very deaf but so happy to see us. His daughter goes back into the kitchen and starts crying. We go over, put our arm around her and ask her what's wrong. She said that she has been praying for help to take care of her father and also for the knowledge of how to grow closer to Heavenly Father when we knocked on the door. She knows that God sent us at just the right time. I know that as we follow and rely
on the Holy Ghosts guidance, and have the humility to follow the promptings, we will be led to those who are prepared to receive the message or who may just be in need of us at that time.

I hope y'all learned lots this week too! I look forward to hearing from y'all.

Love, Sister Merritt

Exchange with Sister Hosman

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